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My work is created for those who love intricate jewellery!  Over the years I have made jewellery in a variety of mediums but nothing has offered the satisfaction of creating with wire.  I love the challenge and achievement of making interesting, one-of-a-kind jewellery.

The materials used are 100% recycled and eco-friendly, genuine pure copper wire, gemstones and beads plus found and re-purposed items.  I fabricate my own clasps, ear wires, jump-rings and chains as well as weaving each unique piece; involving many hours of work.  My particular interest is in creating freeform wire wrapped and woven jewellery.  The process involved uses neither solder nor glue, instead it is the wire bending, shaping and wrapping around itself that makes the permanent connection.  I am one of only a small group using this technique in Australia.

*My business name came about after a teenage customer noted to her parents that my jewellery was really weird (this was considered a compliment) and I quite liked that sentiment.  I didn’t think “Weird Jewellery” really worked so, after some brain storming, it became “Weird Wired Jewellery.  I especially like that the words are an anagram – but I’m a bit odd like that

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