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The vessel is the beginning of all things. Earth, or clay, water and fire is reorganised into the vessel. Then the vessel carries fire and water.

I became a potter when I was 16, and for years after produced purely functional wheel work. Later I focused on large coiled pieces, mainly jugs and urns with strong handles.  In 2004 I completed a Diploma in Fine Art at Bunbury TAFE, where the director purchased for his office a large metallic slab piece known as ‘Ned Kelly’. I presently work at SRTAFE as a technician. In 2012 I graduated with a B.A. in Creative Industries at Bunbury Edith Cowan University. I enjoyed painting, drawing, printing and dying cloth, photography, digital art and writing in this degree course, but again returned to my favourite; Ceramics.

I have enjoyed holding workshops for mixed groups of people to share my knowledge of clay.

An interest in growing succulent plants led to making planters for them, and these are textured with many found objects including fallers’ hammers, stamps for cloth dying, nuts and bolts and lots of stuff from nature’s art box! These planters seem to sell, with or without the plants. Every piece is different. After all these years, I still find it exciting to work with leather hard clay which is strong enough to hold its shape but malleable enough to add bits or cut bits out. At this stage the clay has a life force of its own, and it only requires imagination to modify it.

I like to throw elephants! Their legs, trunks bodies and ears are thrown separately and later cut to shape and joined. These are fun and technically challenging. Strangely some of my most popular pieces are the most primitive form of pottery, pinch pottery. The dogs, dingos and Thylacines are enjoyed by children as well as adults and I am happy if they bring a smile to a face.

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