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My name is Maria, I have been living in Australia for almost 11 years. I am from Mexico and while I been learning about the culture and the language I use part of my time to express myself and reflect part of my background. But now after 11 years I believe my products are a combination of two cultures as I have been experienced Australia for so long which I feel very lucky. I am proud of my products because they are my expression without any language barriers and at the same time they could be such an originally gift for a special person. When I make a product I love to seek for harmony in the different textures and colours of the materials and also thinking how they can produce a smile when is gifted even for yourself why not.

I love the creation of different art crafts using different sort of materials specially recycle materials. At the same time feather, skulls and farriers are my inspiration. Feathers and the skulls for my background and when I arrived to Australia I experience fairy culture and loved it. Now I am trial to explore a market a bit farther away offering my products, I hope you enjoy them

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