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Hi everyone. My name is Gladys Tarupuwa l live in Bunbury. I make crotchet products such as doilies and tea towels for hanging in wet areas in the kitchen like under the sink or near your stove. I do also food covers made of net material to cover food on the table when it’s the season for flies or when you are eating and serving food outside. These food covers are custom made to suit the size of your table. There is no order which can be said to be too small, I can make a small food cover as small as 1 metre by 1 meters and as big as 3 metres and with a colour to suit your taste. Some of my products that l make are crotchet throw overs which some people call “granny squares”. These are made with wool which suits all season, when its winter it keeps you warm relaxed on your couch and you throw it on your feet. Send me an email or contact me on my mobile phone for a quote.

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Food covers, doilies, tea towels and throw overs

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