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Marie lives in Busselton, a small city within a coastal bay, in the southwest region of Western Australia. This bay is a source of sea sponges. They are washed up onto the beach during winter storms. Varying in texture, size and shape make them a diverse tool for painting. Marie uses these sea sponges with vibrant colours of acrylic paint on canvas and board. The paint is applied in layers, allowing each colour to dry before applying the next layer with her wonderful variety of sponges.

There is a mystery and magic around this form of painting, with its freedom in the application and no right or wrong approach. It evolves one colour at a time, one layer at a time, with texture, depth and a hearty dose of Marie’s optimistic outlook.

And then there it is, a finished piece <3

The entire process, from finding and washing the sea sponges to using them, delights Marie with a constant source of joy. And fulfills her passion for originality, creativity, colour and textures.

She has found her niche with the playful process of sea sponge painting, fondly called HeARTfull Creations within her business Feminine Factor.

Marie is available to create the perfect piece for your home. Let the magic begin!

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