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Hi, my name is Claire,

Curiosity led me to infra red photography.


I picked up a book about IR photography in the local library in 2006 and to tell the truth, I’ve still got it. I couldn’t get over the alien landscapes that were produced by the use of a camera and filter. I started taking infrared photos using a compact camera. The results were blurry and frustratingly muddy, but I wanted those Candyland landscapes and as my abilities grew so did my passion for this art. In 2015 I decided to take the logical step for me, and have my old Canon 30D converted with a 720nm infrared filter. I went down new paths, and made some truly beautiful discoveries.


Photography keeps me balanced. As a bi-polar sufferer at times I have been unable to work. Depression snaps at my heels regularly, but by getting out in the car and driving down the back roads of home looking for something that will suit infrared, I turn the black dog from a Hellhound into a floppy Labrador. Returning home to see what I’ve captured drives me forward, because until you process it, this photographic butterfly looks like an ugly brown moth.


I have learnt that I may see the world differently to others. Infrared looks like the Dr. Seuss world my mind inhabits, and instead of stifling that, I have found that my art gives me a voice.

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