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A Bit about myself. My name is Julie Dunn

After coming to Busselton to live about 2 years ago, I wanted to do something, “Spiritual and Creative’ and that’s how my candles came about. I am guided to blend the essential oils that I use in my candles and that has allowed me to also have fun with them. There are several kinds and they are all so different.

The Citronella Rage – this range is designed to help keep the bugs away, particularly the mozzies. They are and can be a problem for our Aussie outdoor living style.  A problem most places have and with no hash chemicals used, just natures bug replant oils, these baby buckets work well and burn for over 20 hours.

There is a Chakra Range, and these are loaded with pure essential oils that resonate with the Chakras and assist in balancing them. Burn them, all, one at a time when specific chakra is low in energy – or just use the unique vibration and don’t light them.

My years of offering Reiki and massage services allows me to understand the basics and the benefits of pure essential oils and their properties.

The Well-being range… is just that. For people suffering and need to find peace, love, joy and to just chill out, then this range has something for everyone. The most popular one is “Stress Less” and not far behind is the “Grief Relief” – all soothing and calming.

There is even a “ Breathe “ and “Sleep well” candle for people that have difficulty wither with colds, flu, sinus and it is loaded with … yes, Eucalyptus. The “Sleep Well” candle is designed to light 1 hour before bed, blow out the candle and fall to sleep with ease.

The Crystal range has crystals in the base of the candle and are matched with their essential oils… so you get the vibration of the crystal as well as the vibration of the essential oils. These crystals and oils are designed to assist particular parts of our bodies to enjoy that “Bliss” feeling.

The other ranges include: Spiritual: These have the Archangel packs of Maxi Tea lights.

The Elements range – The four Elements used in homes and are unique in their fragrances matched to the elements.

The Devic Range – This range has NO smell, but uses the unique vibrational benefits of the Australian Bush Flower Essences to assist with calming and healing.

Of course we have the” fragrant oil – soy candle” for those that wish to have an ambient scented colourful candle in their home to enjoy.

And there are more candles to come…….. Check out the new range – “Compassion Range” – read the story of how these candles came about. Produced to assist Palliative care patients ….  in mind and with love.

See our Facebook page and at the local Busselton and Dunsborough markets

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