The Dragonfly Coffee Van and Information Hub

This special, unique van, provides delicious hot drinks, along with valuable, free, women’s health and safety information.


Our lovely baristas are cheerful, friendly, and absolute superstars! They can serve up hot, yummy, drinks faster than you can say “Dragonfly Coffee Van”. We offer a range of options including coffees, teas, chai lattes, hot chocolates, occasionally food and plenty of smiles. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of milks, including soy, almond and lactose free. Every week a notice goes up on our social media platforms, letting you know where we are. Our van most often attends events with other organisations or businesses, such as Freddie FOGO’s birthday, the Bunbury Show and Groovin the Moo.


Each time the van goes out into the community, it is accompanied by a highly experienced and qualified staff member. Oftentimes our social worker is also joined by a counsellor or health nurse. These trained professionals can speak to you discreetly about any concerns you have for yourself, or any other woman you know. Furthermore, as these amazing women have many connections with other organisations, they are able to refer you to other resources that may be helpful for you. They are a wealth of information and knowledge and are always happy to have a chat!


If you don’t feel comfortable talking to us at the van, you nevertheless get to meet the friendly faces of our team, then, at your own convenience, you can give us a call to book a private appointment.

Contact us for more details or to book appointments.


Pay It Forward

Do you feel like passing on that warm fuzzy feeling? While you’re getting yourself a coffee, why not buy one for a woman in need? You can buy a pre-paid coffee, we call these Pay It Forward cards and we donate them to other organisations where they are passed on to women who are unable to afford luxuries, like a takeaway coffee. Alternatively, you can also purchase Pay It Forward cards as gifts for friends and family. Who doesn’t love a gift of free coffee?!


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