Weird Wired Jewellery

Intricate, one-of-a-kind, woven, copper wire jewellery

Handmade and Marina

Natural olive soaps & skincare products, pure beeswax candles, handwoven eco-dyed eri silk

Belle Doni

A handmade haven for lots of different items

CWA of WA Inc.

The Capel branch helping local women and families

Feminine Factor

The playful process of sea sponge painting

Folios and Fibre

Unique Textiles and Handmade Books

A Touch of Silk

Silk painter, poet and author

Karen Younger

Useful objects from a simple lump of clay

Andrea Gabriela Gaisa

Visual art, Children’s books, Art prints

Creations in a Teapot

Books and Greeting Cards

Mary Myfanwy

Whimsical folk tales and haunting melodies

Bindi Green Eyes

Yoga and art… producing a variety of products

Maria Tenoco

Beauty without any language barriers.

Margaret River Dried Grapes & Produce

Jams, chutney, sauces and dried fruit

Nannup Lavender Farm

A sensory experience

Divine Bliss Candles

Soy Candles with essential oils

Sesenarts Textile Art Studio

Textile artist specialising in hand painted and felted silk and wool fashion accessories.

Jeanne Llewellyn

Textiles, Handspun, Knitted, Woven, Painted, Printed.

High Aspirations

Recorded wellbeing programs

Hevins Mosaic

Designing mosaic art pieces and teach others how to open up their imagination

Divine Framing

Custom Picture Framing and Canvas Making

Silk paintings by Valarie

My paintings utilise vibrant inks on silk to showcase the beauty of our earth and its animals.

Life Images by Jill

Photographing the beauty of Western Australia.

Country Belle Soaps

Artisan Soap maker of natural organic ingredient soaps using sheep milk & coconut milks

Knitting, crochet and craft by Deb

Items are all handmade and open to suggestions for future Projects.


Kathy Abrahams

Kathy is a well published poet

Nannup Hemp Company

We make Organic Hemp Oil Bodycare.

Tracie Anderson Ceramics

Ceramic art using found objects from the ocean and shore reflecting our beautiful South-West

Artistic Journey

My art is an expression of story telling and assemblage as a memory keeper.

Claire Kastelan Photographer

Photographing the Invisible Rainbow – The World in Infrared

Snake Gully Graphics

Earth, or clay, water and fire is reorganised into the vessel.

Jacky McFarlane

I like to think I am a memory maker and storyteller.

Elaine Coventry Author

Australian author and bookbinder, I hand make my limited edition books.

Helen Seiver

I am a mixed media artist working with a range of mediums.

Jillyfii’s Craftanoon Creations

Pastel, watercolour and acrylic artwork, hand painted textiles and crochet animal creations.


Handmade alpaca products

AK Studio/Gallery

Although predominantly a painter, I enjoy using a wide range of media

Snotty Gobble Farm Produce

Up cycling textiles and furniture.

I’m Passionate about up cycling both textiles and furniture.

Silken Twine

I paint Australian flora and fauna and turn my paintings into beautiful fabric designs