Who do you turn to when a loved one begins to show signs of memory loss? It can be such a daunting journey that should never be travelled alone. The Dementia Support and Connection Sessions were held over a weekend in late May, 2021. South West Women’s Health hosted three informative sessions for the friends, carers and relations of people who are suffering from memory loss and dementia. The aim was to provide information about support services, share testimonies and provide some general support to those who are sharing this journey.

We had some fabulous guest speakers for the events including Felicity Neale, Theresa Bates, Lee Tate, Deb Wraight, and a representative from Dementia Australia, Louise Jones.

We really enjoyed hosting these sessions and supporting our community by providing information, support and connection.

  • Mental Health Week
  • Carers Week
  • Seniors Week
  • Epicure Training Restaurant